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Clean With Passion For Now is a 16 episode romantic Kdrama that was based on a webcomic of the same name, penned by Aaengo, which was first published in and then again in The story failed to hook me right away and after the first half hour I wondered if I should just turn it off and look for something else.

Finding a full-time office job is proving to be a lot harder than Gil Oh-Sol had imagined so she decides to apply for a job at a cleaning company and is hired. Unbeknownst to her, the company, Cleaning Fairies, is owned and run by a man she had literally run into on the street one night and, as a result of the collision, owes a significant amount of money to.

In middle school Gil Oh-Sol was a track and field star, her top event being the hurdles. With her younger brother still in high school and her father fresh out of a job she feels the financial pressures of running a home and takes a cleaning job while telling her family she has a respectable office job. When Jang Seon-Kyul was a very young boy he resided with his grandfather while his mother was off living her life far away from him.

One day, after becoming very messy as a typical kid often does his grandfather got angry and Seon-Kyul came to believe his mother would only return if he kept himself clean. From then on, being perfectly clean became his main goal and the poor boy developed mysophobia, a pathological fear of germs and contamination.

As a young adult he was sent to the United States for treatment and soon after his return started a cleaning business which happens to be doing very well. Because of his phobia he keeps mostly to himself, however, he is close to and relies heavily upon his personal secretary.

He has a crush on Oh-Sol although she has no idea. He was only added to create a love triangle in the drama. Oh-Dol is a Taekwondo athlete who hopes to become part of the national team and participate in the Olympics.

clean with passion kdrama

She understands his mysophobia, only wants the best for him, and often comes across as motherly. Although they start out a bit at odds, they soon become very close. Cha Mae-Eun was kept away from her son during his growing years and now wants to make up for lost time. She sincerely loves Seon-Kyul and wants him to lead a normal, happy life. The man is distant and dictatorial, running his family like he does his business.

He is in failing health.It was a classic case of opposite attraction. He shuddered at the thought of physical contact with anyone and kept people away from him. Until Gil O Sol entered his life. O Sol starts working for the Cleaning Fairies. Initially, Sun Gyeol is disgusted over this girl who is almost always dirty. Yet he is unable to stay away from her either and constantly finds himself drawn to her.

After protecting her several times in their job and several attempts to push her away from him, Sun Gyeol eventually realizes his true feelings for her. Sun Gyeol is unaware of the deal O Sol made with his grandfather. O Sol promises that she will help Sun Gyeol in exchange for their help with her brother O Dol, who is facing suspension for using taekwondo to defend his father.

O Sol tries valiantly to resist Sun Gyeol and keeps her feelings at bay. Eventually her true emotions bubble up to the surface and O Sol finally accepts Sun Gyeol. As for the germophobic CEO, for the first time in his life, he feels like he wants to get treated for his mysophobia because of O Sol. Initially for O Sol, she tried to do everything she could to make Sun Gyeol feel better. She is patient with him and understands his illness.

Sun Gyeol is apologetic to her because he sees how she has to adjust to his Mysophobia. He even rents an entire movie theater and has his Cleaning Fairies thoroughly clean and disinfect the theater for them. As difficult as it is for her, O Sol breaks up with Sun Gyeol, much to his surprise and chagrin. He does not take the breakup well. His mysophobia worsens even further after he found out that his grandfather was the real investor of his company all along.

His emotional state causes a grave accident for Sun Gyeol, which shakes everyone around him. Diligently, O Sol stays by his side while he lays unconscious, begging him to wake up. His grandfather, whose own sickness compelled him to treat Sun Gyeol rashly and to force him to take over AG Group, seems finally guilty.

Upon regaining consciousness, Sun Gyeol speaks to his grandfather. As his last request as the grandchild, Sun Gyeol humbly asked his grandfather to sincerely apologize to the families of the victims.

However, Sun Gyeol was unperturbed. While they do not accept his apology, O Sol told him that they will not forget what he did.

Two years later, he returns to Korea and tries to win back O Sol. She refuses out of respect to her family. Unable to give up, Sun Gyeol opens a new cleaning company while he continues to pursue her. Because I am a sucker for romance and I tend to shy away from complicated and drawn-out dramas, I have to admit that I was intrigued by the unique plot.

Instead, they created a character who was still functioning and was actually a success at work. He used his mysophobia and channeled it into a productive energy, that is, setting up a cleaning company based on his own cleanliness standards. I must say, what a pleasant surprise Yoon Gyun Sang was. He was definitely in his element in this drama and embodied a man who was deathly afraid of germs.

He was believable in his role, right down to the reactions on his face. Yoon had excellent comedic timing as well, because he was the unexpected source of giggle throughout the drama. The character of O Sol required someone who can be adorably dirty.MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Score: 7. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list.

All Time Favorite Dramas titles loves 9. Upcoming Dramas Priority List 67 titles 25 loves. Most Popular Action Dramas. Best High School Dramas. Best Fantasy Titles. Light and Fluffy. Top Music Dramas. Top Manga Adaptations. Interspecies Romance. Edit this Page Edit Information. Noh Jong Chan. Han Hee Jung. Koo Ja Keon [Oh Dol's friend]. Woo Hyun Mr. Baek [Ha In's patient]. Kwak Shi Yang [Oh Sol's college senior]. Ham Sung Min [Action Figure collector].

Hong Ye Ji [TV show host]. Shin So Yool [Hotel receptionist] Ep. Jang Tae Min [Detective] Ep.Jang Sun Gyeol has wealth and good looks but suffers from severe mysophobia. He is obsessed with cleaning and even owns his own cleaning company.

However, he meets a carefree and untidy girl named Gil Oh Sol after she enters his company as a new employee. Oh Sol has worked all sorts of part-time jobs while striving for a full-time job and does not have the luxury to date or be clean.

She gave up on being neat after facing the tough reality of the world and is known for always wearing her trademark tracksuit.

Clean with Passion for Now Episode 16 Subtitle Indonesia

But she has a bright personality and does not mind getting dirty. With the help of Oh Sol, Sun Gyeol faces his mysophobia and also falls in love with her. MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer.

clean with passion kdrama

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Clean With Passion For Now

Add Cast. View all Write Review. Other reviews by this user 5. Feb 4, 16 of 16 episodes seen. Completed 5. Overall 7. Story 6. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Cancel. Other reviews by this user 0. Jun 7, 16 of 16 episodes seen.With the help of Oh Sol, Sun Kyul faces his fears and falls in love with her.

Kwak Si Yang Woo Hyun. The drama was originally scheduled to air in April. However on February, it was revealed that lead actress Kim Yoo Jung was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and would be focusing on treatment. The drama was delayed until the second half of Ahn Hyo Seop was originally cast in the role of Jang Sun Kyul, but because of the delay in filming, he had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

He was replaced by Yoon Kyun Sang. Other Photo from Official Site. Official Site. Watch Online in Viki. I wish this drama will have a good rating for cable drama. Just like how love in the moonlight had a high rating despite many actresses declined the main female role. There are so many newbie actors but why must be Yoon Kyun Sang? I had watched some of his dramas, he not good in lovelines with any actress especially Kim Yoo Jung. After day my Prince.

Im starting to watch this and I dont regret it first 2 episodes are very satisfying… Hopefully she will be team up with D. O of EXO in the future.

clean with passion kdrama

Sorry but I find this pairing very odd and not to mention that they do not have the chemistry at all. Finished ep 10 yesterday. Hope they can continue to investigate and catch the real culprit who shred the important document on purpose. Im very like this drama they are very suitable espeacially yoon kyun sang his acting its very awesome. All the actors have really performed very well. Originally I have concerns about the pairing.It also airs on Netflix in Gil Oh-sol, an employee at a cleaning company, meets Jang Seon-gyul, the boss of the company.

clean with passion kdrama

The two are diametric opposite when it comes to cleanliness. With the help of Oh-sol, Seon-gyul faces his mysophobia and falls in love with her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clean with Passion for Now Promotional poster. Brothers Production. JTBC Netflix international. Korean English. Osen in Korean.

June 8, KakaoPage in Korean. Comico Korea in Korean. Kpop Herald. December 9, January 23, TenAsia in Korean. YTN in Korean. November 17, Newsen in Korean. February 7, MK News in Korean.


January 24, News1 in Korean. September 4, JTBC in Korean. February 8, November 15, Maeil Business Newspaper in Korean. February 22, Kyunghyang Shinmun in Korean. February 20, Xports News in Korean.

September 6, Maeil in Korean. November 11, January 25, February 26, Sports Donga in Korean.He may come off as uptight and fussy, but his condition is actually quite serious and causes him many problems. That has problems written all over it. Kim Yoo Jung was certainly adorable as Oh Sol. Talk about a conflict of interest as this love triangle develops! He is nice enough, but this guy is not professional at all, and I just always had this icky feeling about him.

The first few episodes were leaning positive but felt mostly average. I always prefer the main couple to have plenty of scenes together early on. Luckily, the show had an overall fun vibe that kept me interested until our couple got more time together and their story developed. Experiences in his childhood ultimately led to his severe germophobia, and he has quite a difficult journey to go on. Of course, with this show being more lighthearted and fun, it plays many of his troubles for laughs.

Much of it is stereotypical, but it is still pretty humorous. Thankfully, they do eventually explore his condition more in depth and touch upon just how difficult having it actually is. Not only is he experiencing emotional pain, but it is a full time job staying clean. Not only is she super messy and unhygienic, but she seems to be constantly popping up in his life and disrupting his cleanliness routine.

As her feelings begin to grow for him, she just wants to help him any way she can. Specifically, the illness is usually cured or greatly improved with a bit of love from the right person. Although the drama keeps a lighter vibe, I thought it blended the humorous and serious elements well.

There was plenty of comedy and fun to add joy, but then there were some very emotional and heartrending moments. The show definitely has some slow spells here and there though where I thought the plot got draggy. You better hold onto your hats because things get all kinds of serious in the last few episodes. It transforms from cute and fun into angst and despair. A brief break up as she tried to process and sort through her feelings could certainly be expected.

Then as his illness begins to relapse as he feels he no longer has any reason to try and cure it, he falls into his own pit of despair which culminates in a car accident that nearly kills him.

Things initially look hopeful as this finally draws Oh Sol back to him as she waits daily by his bedside for him to wake up. She knows none of the things that happened in the past were his fault and that he too was a victim of his grandfather.

Then we get the customary years of separation of the couple as Sun Gyul heads to the US for treatment. Since it really was the main part of the story, I was hoping for more.

All the events leading up to this just felt a bit forced. It also would have been nice if they would have included more of his OCD story at the end rather than just wrapping it up off screen, which is usually how mental and even physical illness is handled. Clean With Passion For Now works well if you want a lighter romantic comedy that is plot light. Its simple and humorous side is what the drama does best, and it also has a sweet couple that eventually deliver plenty of adorable couple moments.

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